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Summer Skincare Routine

First, you’ll want to use a makeup remover or an oil (I love avocado oil but you can also use coconut) to remove makeup. Sorella Apothecary also reccomends their Orange You Jelly cleanser.
Next, the aestheticians recommend to double cleanse with a creamy cleanser & gel cleanser. They say doing both isn’t necessary but it’s a secret tip of theirs.

Tone. I love Sorella’s Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist because it smells like summer in a bottle. This balances the PH levels of the skin and is a necessary step everyone should be doing.

Exfoliate next. One-two times a week is enough but for those of you getting your portraits done or will be attending a special dinner/work meeting, removing any dead skin will help your skin look radiant and have a greater impact when applying moisturizers. After exfoliating, tone.

If you have time in your routine, mask. Sorella and Alchemy recommends the Honey and Peach Mask for the warm summer months. Remove with water (no cleanser) and then tone once again.

Sorella and Alchemy then recommends serums next, which act as the correction step. They are super concentrated ingredients that soak right into the skin and they encourage layering up to 4 serums-starting from thinnest to thickest. The Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum and the Pomegranate Açaí Antioxidant Serum are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months.

You can then apply eye creams and moisturizers. Sorella says their Daily Greens is best for combo/oily skin but can be used for all skin types.  Blueberry Milk is a great medium weight moisturizer that’s perfect for all skin types.  The Balm is best for dry skin and is their heaviest moisturizer, best for night use.

You can also apply an SPF but I don’t recommend doing this if you will be photographed. The SPF will reflect light and anywhere it’s applied, a white shiny “sheen” will show up in the photos, especially if flash is used. Do not use SPF whatsoever on your wedding day.

Seeing a professional esthetician monthly will also do wonders for your skin and help you learn which products are best for your problem areas and concerns, especially having them do extractions to remove impurities and reduce potential scars. But, as always, don’t introduce new routines and products to your skin within two weeks of your photo shoot or wedding day.

Stylist: The Styled Soiree |Facials by Alchemy Face Bar using Sorella Apothecary

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