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Kathryn+Sam, Spring Family Portraits by Chatfield State Park

I photographed Sam and Kathryn years ago for their wedding day. When they contacted me to photograph their family portraits, I was ecstatic. Jaxon ran out of the car and greeted me with a hug, and I melted. Kathryn was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery to remove it… to see them together and how amazing they are as parents to little J, even with going through a scary diagnosis like that, it utterly amazing. Jaxon, of course, didn’t nap on his way up so we worked with his almost three year old personality and let him run, play and “sneeze/blow” on dandelions all while asking him to cuddle with dad, walk with mom and “Where did the horses go??” prompts. My favorite moment was when he sneezed on the dandelion for the first time, not entirely understanding that he was “sneezing” instead of blowing. It’s a great reminder of how precious and honest children are.

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