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Speech Delay Healing and Progress

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an update on Beck’s speech delay healing. I wanted to share where we are with his speech but first, I need to dive in to exactly everything that was happening for symptoms. To be clear, this isn’t a pro or anti-vaccine article, but it’s meant to help families with children going through similar situations to help save them time and money.

In February 2018, we noticed Beck’s eye contact decreasing more and more. He also was starting to show signs of autism but also ADHD. We couldn’t exactly pinpoint what was happening. He had “ticks” which I could only describe as repetitive barking noises. Beck’s ability to register us talking to him, or his receptive language, was almost gone. I could be right next to him saying his name and he wouldn’t look for minutes. We knew he could hear but he couldn’t listen.

Beck also had body temperature regulation issues. We would have him wrapped in down blankets, cuddled in our laps, in the heat of summer, and he would still be shivering. His ability to focus on an activity was hard pressed. But if he found something he loved, it was like no one else was in the room. We couldn’t pry his attention away and if we took whatever had his interest away (like to eat or change his diaper), there would be a tantrum that lasted for hours.

But the most apparent symptom was his speech delay. His tantrums and frustrations were starting to turn into full blown headbanging, hitting and kicking fights. We were at our whist end.

In April 2018, we took Beck to see the dentist. It was there that we discovered he had a submucosal brake tongue tie. At this same time, we just got done with our sixth round of croup, which we then were described a refillable steroid, in case Beck’s throat closed up again and we needed to get it opened immediately. We started seeing ENT doctors, talking to our pediatrician and doing tons and tons of research. The funny thing is, everything started to click and make more sense as the Facebook memories were popping up in my feed, showing us videos and photos of Beck as he was growing up. We noticed that it was more difficult after 8 months to get his attention. That his eye contact and focus decreased. And we also noticed his sounds changed from using “ba, ga, ma, and da” to nothing — more like coo’s.

In June 2018, things started to click. We made an appointment with a neuroscientist that is a world-renowned naturopathic doctor for August ‘18. This is when we realized that Beck was vaccine injured. At our 8 month appointment, he received a round of vaccines (Polio included). After, he spiked a fever, pushing 104-105 degrees and went lethargic. Our pediatrician didn’t seem too concerned as he didn’t have any other symptoms. We were told to put him in an ice bath and rotate between Tylenol and Motrin. We are lucky that he never had a seizure or worse. Our pediatrician never told us that what happened wasn’t normal and never encouraged us to file a VARES report. It was after this that we noticed the changes I wrote above in Beck.

After we did more research and reading about families that have gone through similar experiences, we decided to start Beck on a high grade multivitamin called Intra-Kids from Drucker Labs. We’ve read that many kids with speech delays have seen huge successes, so we decided to give it a try. The first two weeks were hell. I’m not going to lie one bit. Hitting, biting, screaming, you name it. At two weeks, it was like the storm clouds moved out and the sun started shining. Out of nowhere, he started using sentences like “Whoa, look at that dad!” “What’s that over there?” To be clear, he was using single words like “me” “dada” or “up”. He had never used these words by themselves, let alone, all together in a full formed sentence.

Fast forward to September 2018. We saw the new doctor for a second time (August was our initial consult) after having blood work and urine tests done. We discovered his mitochondria were damaged (from the vaccines) and instead of being busy with keeping up with his developing brain and body, they were busy still trying to heal from the vaccine injury. His cells weren’t able to oxidze and produce the energy his body needed. In short, it was like his brain/body were being deprived of oxygen. In order to do these tests, we had to take him off his multivitamin for an entire week. Neither of us expected much change with being off of it, but by day 8, he had reverted to back to how he was in May 2018. Lost his speech and the tantrums and frustrations were in full force. We were amazed by how much he regressed.

To support his body, system and development, we came up with a list of targeted supplements. We added this to the multivitamin he was already on. Within days of going back on the multi-v plus the additional supplements, we noticed his receptive language increasing ten fold. My husband noted “how sharp Beck has become”. He is finally in the “copy stage” where we can tell him what something is, and he has the ability to repeat it. He is putting sentences together like “No don’t. You naughty mama. That’s enough” as he points his finger at me. Yes, his speech improving doesn’t mean he’s always my sweet angel. His curiosity and kindness towards others and his environment always amazes us. We love having him ask us “who’s that” or “what’s that” and to be able to ask him to help us around the house or go find a certain item.

So, what’s the secret sauce you ask? Here’s what we’ve done to help Beck:

  • Speech Therapy once a week, and every day we work on speech
  • Chiropractic adjustments to help his nervous system
  • A *mostly* dairy and gluten free diet (he still eats cheese and we enjoy a pizza or indulge in ice cream once in awhile)
  • Intra-Kids Multi Vitamin
  • Methyl B Complex
  • B-12
  • ProBiota HistaminX
  • Liposomal Glutathione
  • L- Acetyl Carnitine


The ‘ticks’, body temp regulation issues, eye contact issues, etc have all gone away. His speech, the most prevalent issue, is what we’re currently still working on and slowly improving each day. I hope this helps others going through similar situations that aren’t able to find the answers they need. I’m an open book so if you have questions, please feel free to reach out via email.


If you would like more background on Beck, click here to read my “A Mother’s Feelings on Speech Delays” post.


Speech Delay Healing after Vaccine Injury

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